Below are links to pdf forms you may need during the school year.

You will need a pdf reader, like Adobe Reader, to open/read them.  Adobe Reader is available for free here:

Payments due to CCL (Center for Creative Learning) may be made electronically through Zelle using

Marilyn’s cell # (626) 222-3562 or or by check, mailed to address on forms, as

usual. If you pay online, you may scan and e-mail your completed form to

rather than mailing it.

CCL Membership Registration Form  2020-2021

Registration for  Friday/Tuesday School:

Friday School (K-8) Registration Form for 2020-2021                     

Rancho Cucamonga Tuesday Preschool-6th Grade:

Rancho Cucamonga Thursday Preschool-6th Grade:

Registration for For Credit Classes :

FRIDAY (Chino Hills) For Credit Registration Form 2020/2021   

TUESDAY (Pomona) For Credit Registration Form 

TUES/THURS For Credit Registration Form 

MEDICAL FORM (needs to be mailed, ask your teacher for address:

(one per student enrolled in For Credit classes)

Other Helpful Forms:

CCL Payment Tracking Form (for your recordkeeping)

Code of Conduct/Safety Rules

Disciplinary Policies

WCSPSP HomeHome.html

Forms To Download

download pdfCCL_Forms_files/CCL%20Club%20Registration%202020-2021.pdf
download pdfCCL_Forms_files/CCL%20Payment%20Tracker%202020-21.pdf
download pdfCCL_Forms_files/20192020CodeOfConductOnly.pdf
download pdfCCL_Forms_files/20192020DisciplinaryPolicyOnly.pdf
download pdfCCL_Forms_files/Friday%20SchoolReg2020-2021.pdf

Center for Creative Learning

CCL HomeCCL_Home.html
download pdfCCL_Forms_files/MedicalForm20202021.pdf