Western Christian Schools PSP  A legacy of Excellence since 1920

American Heritage Girls (AHG):  A God-Centered “scouting type” program for girls, grades K-12, led by parents.  See newsletter for contact info.

ASB (Associated Student Body): A For Credit class offered for high school students in WCSPSP, to establish leadership and organizational skills. Students have offices and committee appointments, plan, organize and run activities and outreach/ministry opportunities in which the whole high school student body of the PSP can participate. This gives our high school students an opportunity to interact socially (generally, a monthly activity) and serve together. ASB members/officers are chosen in the Spring of the prior year, and work through the summer planned activities and events for the following school year. Watch e-mails and newsletter for details of events.

CCL: stands for Center for Creative Learning. A sister organization to WCSPSP, that offers field trips, classes, activities, yearbooks, and other enrichment/supplements to the homeschooling experience.

Contenders for the Faith: A parent-led group for boys in grades K-8 for friendship, character building, fun. See newsletter for contact info.

Enrollment Fee: A per-semester fee paid to the teachers of For Credit classes, which offsets the costs of insurance coverage and rental of facilities used for those classes. Ask teacher for specifics.

Field Trips: a variety of activities organized to offer supplemental educational or fun experiences for our students. Costs, applicable age groups and locations vary. Details for each field trip offered appears in our monthly (e-mailed) newsletter. Field trips can fill quickly, so pay close attention to RSVP dates and respond early!

For Credit Classes: Classes offered one or two days a week,  intended to fill one of the homeschooling class requirements. Generally, but not exclusively, these classes are offered for Jr High and High School students. Teachers work in conjunction with the homeschooling parents to offer specialized instruction in a particular subject. Teachers dictate the curriculum choice and assignments, offer supplemental materials, and provide the framework for a full semester or one year course in a subject.  Parents are expected to oversee the work at home on the non-class days and stay in communication with the teacher to provide a maximized learning experience for the student.

Friday School/Tuesday School: a set of classes for K-8 students, offered on certain days, that are intended to enhance the homeschooling experience socially and academically. Gives students time to interact with other students, take direction from other adults (teachers), learn some new things in addition to the curriculum you’re using at home.  These classes are considered SUPPLEMENTAL, and are not intended to completely fill an academic requirement for a subject on their own (for example, if your student has science in Tuesday School, you still may need to teach Science at home on other days of the week). Students enroll in the entire “block” of classes, and some additional “add-on” classes are available at some locations.   See newsletter for details and specifics.

Graduation: An annual event held the same night as Promotion Night, to celebrate our 8th grade graduates and our 12th grade graduates.  Two separate ceremonies are held.  Each includes worship, photo slide shows of graduating students, speeches by graduating students and a keynote speaker, as well as individual recognition and diploma presentation. Seniors wear cap and gown.

Paperwork: Required paperwork is different for K-8 and for high school. See your K-8 Manual or High School Handbook for details. (both are available at bottom of Registration/Forms page of our website). Generally includes submission of curriculum choices and a plan for the year, attendance records, etc.

Park Day: a semi-monthly meeting at San Dimas Canyon Park in San Dimas where parents can network and socialize with each other, and students can play and interact with each other.  A PE coach organizes group activities and games for students. Field trip and other sign ups are there, and paperwork and fees can be turned in. This fills an important low-stress, social need for moms and students!

Program Fee: An annual fee paid to CCL to cover administrative expenses, insurance costs, etc. and to purchase one yearbook for the current year, per family.  $50 per family, payable to CCL

Promotion Night: An annual event at the end of the school year, designed to celebrate the school year and each student’s advancement into the following year.  Includes a promotion certificate and recognition (photo ops!) for each student, grade K-7 and 9-11. Family, individual and group photos are sometimes offered, and Open House is held for those wishing to display projects they’ve completed during the year. Ceremony includes worship, performances by groups in which students participate, as well as the recognition of each grade level promoting to the next.

Registration Fee: An annual fee paid (in the summer or fall) for each student enrolled in WCSPSP along with the PSP registration paperwork submission.

$30 per student, payable to Western Christian Schools

Terra Nova Test: An annual standardized test administered by parent-teachers in the spring (traditionally the Tu/W/Th of the week following Easter Sunday) at Western Christian’s Claremont campus.  This is a nationally recognized test specifically designed for Christian Schools to measure a student’s progress in a variety of subjects.  All students K-8 are required to attend and test, all parents of K-8 students are expected to participate in the week’s events/activities as teachers, classroom helpers, picture day helpers, book sale helpers, etc.  Students with learning disabilities or those who cannot attend that week for some reason can arrange for private testing PRIOR TO the testing week for an additional fee.  (High School students may test ON CAMPUS at Western Christian High School, but are not required to do so. Contact Carol Loumagne for details by January.)


WCSPSP tuition: A required annual fee paid to enroll students in the PSP, and allowing us the opportunity to homeschool in association with this respected institution and each other.  This can be made in monthly installments. One fee is due per family. If monthly installments are made, they are due by the 5th of the month.

$520 annually or $52/month for 10 months (Jan-Jun) payable to Western Christian Schools.

Friday/Tues School Tuition: fees paid to enroll a student in these optional programs. Fees vary depending on program and number of students you are enrolling. See registration forms for details. Fees are paid to CCL.

For Credit Tuition: fees paid to enroll students in individual class offerings.  Fees vary per class, and are paid, in conjunction with the enrollment fees, to each teacher of each class. Contact each teacher for details and specifics.

WCSPSP:  a homeschool group, connected to Western Christian Schools,  the oldest Christian Schools in California. Stands for “Western Christian Schools Private Satellite Program”.


Glossary of Terms 2017-2018