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Western Christian’s Private Satellite Program (PSP) is an association that serves more than 350 homeschooling families and over 700 students, from grades K to 12 in the Southern California area every year.  Parents participate in a variety of ways, making it an amazing opportunity to serve and be served, at the same time.

Under the direction of a team with decades of collective homeschooling experience, WCSPSP provides a wide variety of administrative, educational, and support programs for the homeschooling family, upholding the standards of and with the support and stability of the oldest Christian school in California.

Some of the many benefits offered are listed below:

Assistance is provided in curriculum selection that meets the needs of each individual family.

Accountability is provided to parents through the required paperwork that is collected and maintained in a cumulative school file for each student.  This helps ensure that educational and legal standards are being met, without being unnecessarily cumbersome or tedious for parents.  For High School students, full transcript and diploma services are provided, as well as counseling to ensure proper documentation of and adherence to WCHS’s graduation requirements.

Park Days are offered in several locations, several times a month, to encourage social growth and development for students, group p.e. activities and games, and a support system for moms.

Members have the opportunity to take part in organized field trips and other group educational events. There are often several per month to choose from, offering a variety of fun, entertaining learning adventures.

Christian scouting-type groups (American Heritage Girls and Contenders for the Faith) are available for boys and girls of all ages, to help them to develop creatively, spiritually and socially.

Annual standardized testing is available for all students in grades K-11 (required for K-8).  All Western Christian Schools test through ACSI (the Association of Christian School International) utilizing the Terra Nova 3 test, published by McGraw-Hill. This is one of the most widely respected standardized tests available.

Courses are offered through The Center for Creative Learning for all age groups.  These classes are taught by talented and proficient teachers, with a variety of degrees, credentials and many years of teaching experience, collectively, and with great skill and knowledge in their respective disciplines. Also unique is the fact that most teachers have home schooled their children (or have been home schooled themselves!), giving them perspective and understanding of the home schooling environment and a heart devoted to the family dynamic of the home school.

For K-8 students, CCL offers Tuesday/Friday School, to enhance and expand on the daily curriculum parents have chosen and provide an opportunity for students to be in a classroom environment and develop (often lifelong) friendships with their peers.  These classes are held at several locations, several times during the week, for maximum scheduling flexibility.  The format is a little different at each location, but generally include Chapel, Science, History, Art and/or PE.

Courses offered for junior high and high school students, our For Credit classes, are more academically rigorous, and provide small group interaction and instruction as a supplement to the home education.  These teachers come alongside the parents and team with them to provide very customized and comprehensive educational opportunities to fulfill graduation requirements, while maintaining a home school environment.

More details can be found about these programs on the CCL/classes page.

High school students can participate in an ASB/Leadership course, to learn about servant-leadership and plan, organize and implement high school service projects and fellowship events that all WCSPSP high school students can attend and enjoy.

High school students have the opportunity, should they choose, to attend Western Christian High School part-time, and participate in athletic and other programs offered on campus.

Monthly parent meetings are held for support and enrichment of member parents, as well as several other parent events during the year. Orientation meetings, small group activity meetings are a part of the plan.  Several other events are held each year for both parents and students, and are an opportunity for fellowship and corporate worship, celebration, and education.

An annual Promotion Night is held every year in which every student can participate, for grades K-7 and grades 9-11, to celebrate the end of the year and to be recognized for completing their coursework and advancing to the next grade level.  Graduation ceremonies are held for 8th and 12th graders, as well as an Open House at which students of all grades can display projects or work they’ve done during the year.

Administrators and other volunteer parent/counselors are available by appointment or by phone to discuss and help resolve any concerns or problems of member families.