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Center for Creative Learning Middle School Program


The Center for Creative Learning (CCL)  is a sister organization to Western Christian PSP, devoted to enhancing the educational and social aspects of the homeschooling experience.  Academic and supplemental courses are available for students of all ages to enable group interaction and social opportunities, as well as a varied educational opportunity.

Field trips, Park Days, special events and activities and all classes offered are administered by the Center for Creative Learning, and all fees for these things are payable to CCL.

CCL embraces a code of conduct and safety rules that seek to ensure every student and parent feel safe and secure during sponsored events, trips and classes.  See those rules by clicking button above.

Optional academic courses are offered for Jr High and High School students, to meet academic requirements. Curriculum is selected and organized by the instructor, an expert in his/her chosen discipline, and parents partner with the instructor to ensure the suggested assignments are completed according to instructions.  Assessments in the form of quizzes, tests and projects are assigned and completed by students, and a performance report is provided at the end of each semester, from which the parent can determine and submit a grade for the course. Parents are still considered the PRIMARY INSTRUCTOR - the instructors function as group tutors.

Detailed descriptions of the current courses being offered can be found with the Tues/Thursday School info (peach colored pages) and Pomona and Chino Hills courses can be found in the last 15+ pages of the current newsletter.

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