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CCL Club Reg

This page is for those families for whom WCSPSP will be your legal school for the year.

If you are enrolled in a charter school or other program, but would like to be a member of Center for Creative Learning, go to CCL Club Registration (button above).

PSP members do NOT need to complete the Club Membership form - their membership in CCL is automatic.

If you need a pdf reader, Adobe Reader is available for free here:

download summary list of steps here, if you want to print and check off as you go

Step 1: Contact our Director, Marilyn Stephens, for a phone interview at marilyna5@aol.com

                after interview, upon her verbal approval, return here and complete further steps below

Step 2: Complete Registration Form for New PSP Families

                download and complete form (can type in or complete handwritten)

                Forms for New PSP Families  2021-2022

Step 3: Prepare Payments (payments are detailed at top of registration form as well)

                At time of registration, the following is due & should accompany your forms:

                     $30 per student, payable to Western Christian Schools  (registration fee)

                    $50 per FAMILY, payable to Center for Creative Learning (or CCL) (program fee)

                Beginning September 1st, $520 per year or $52 per month (Sept-June) is due, payable to

                Western Christian Schools,  by the fifth day of each month. If you are not absolutely

                certain you will be remaining with the group for the whole year, please do NOT pay the

                whole annual fee. Once fee is submitted to Western, it cannot be refunded.

                This $520 or $52 per month is for membership to the PSP. All texts, classes,

                clubs, curriculum, events, etc. are optional and have additional fees.

Step 4: Immunization Records:  please submit a copy of your child’s immunization record

                with registration paperwork if there have been any changes, or if this link indicates new

                requirements (all new students, Kindergarteners, and 7th graders)

Step 5: Register for  Classes/Programs

Because these programs are still being finalized for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the appropriate form(s) and submit, to show your intent -- but please DO NOT submit payment for any of these programs until instructed to do so.  If space is limited in any program, those who have submitted an enrollment form AND made payment when instructed will have first priority.  You must be a member of the PSP or CCL Club to enroll in any K-8 club or program Center for Creative Learning offers. For more information about any of the below programs, please visit the corresponding page of this site.

Friday School (K-8) Registration Form for 2021-2022                      

Rancho Cucamonga Tuesday Preschool-8th Grade for 2021-2022:

Rancho Cucamonga Thursday Preschool-8th Grade for 2021-2022:

Pre-register for Tuesday or Thursday here: Rancho Reg Form 

Note: online preregistration AND paper forms must be completed!

Jr High/High School For Credit Classes - Tues/Thursday: For Credit Rancho

Jr High/High School For Credit Classes - Friday:  For Credit Chino Hills

Medical release form:

Note: online preregistration AND paper Medical form needs to be completed. Medical form can be given to teacher on first day. Only one form per student per campus is needed.

Step 6:  Mail it all in!!

ALL ABOVE FORMS/CHECKS CAN BE MAILED TO THE ADDRESS AT THE TOP OF THE PSP REGISTRATION FORM (in the gray oval box) or handed to Marilyn at a school event or Park Day, or can be submitted via e-mail to registration@freedomtoteach.org

If you choose to pay electronically, rather than via check:

Zelle using Marilyn’s cell # (626) 222-3562 or marilyna5@aol.com  

Venmo at @Marilyn-Stephens-8

credit card processing coming soon!

Please put in “notes” what amounts you are paying, and their descriptions.

Step 7:  Review PSP Info and Requirements/Opportunities

Glossary of Terms

WCSPSP Code of Conduct/Safety Rules

WCSPSP Disciplinary Policies

K-8 PSP Manual  (formerly “the binder”)

High School Handbook  (includes all forms)

Other Helpful Forms:

WCS Payment Tracking Form (for your recordkeeping)

download pdf

CA immunization requirements

*Note: We are required by state law to collect immunization information and report certain information to the state of California. Immunization records must be turned in by October 1st in order for us to do that.  As homeschoolers, you are not required to vaccinate, but we are still required to report numbers of students who are and who are not vaccinated (no names or identifying info goes with that). For more details, click here.

download form

download form

download form

see details

see details

see details

download pdf

download pdf

download pdf

download pdf

download pdf

download pdf

WCSPSP Registration: New Families

download pdf

download form